Saturday, April 19, 2008

Autumn Rain

Until I lick your warm body
You have been
Indolent teary swamp in my face
Blended brooding water drops only

When I open my mouth
You licks my mouth your tongue
Dancing distant woeful cobalt sea
And you become scented autumn

Now lick, you wicked autumn
I open my eyes to see
Your magnificent scented colors
Your perfumed body lay beside
I speak to you crops of the field
Midday a wild flower lips

I will come as you wish
Naked burning auburn stanzas
Chiffon gowned lust trodden belly
Streets, rivers and lovers lips
Anguished wind at a stone bench
Whispering leaves our lusty bed
Fiery sunset where love is tearfully torn
Become heartbroken crimson lyrics


© Young Sun Kim-Walker

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