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Poems December 2007

Bloody Love

I saw a girl in my dream
Bare feeted, she wears a summer sea
You are a sinner, cowardly hypocrite, she said
I hide myself under finest silky shame
Self crowned a pretentious cushioned comfort
I am not going to write coward pretty poetry anymore
Shear off a futile ratty twaddle
I was born where I wan borne
My uncle’s eyeless socket gaze
His tainted autumn swellings temple backyard
Swapping seasoned a girl’s windy hair
I want eat my raw words with roughly weaved linen
Nourish my soul his red inked spidery webs
Shot my lava penned gory cupid bullet
I cut, open my gut and lay out my seashore
Let my blood is boiled by the arrowed sun
Plucking the pains from the lost memories
My pouring blood like the firebird magma
Then I will be the lucky toast to the merciless sun
Then I will be devil curse in your ancient shore
And lay buried my skeleton your bloodless old cliff
Welcoming the sagacious sky, siesta at island breasts
Listening my passionate ghost couplings
Why my cry has no tears?
O still rivers flow seamlessly in my valley
When my heart pumping the blood again?
Who is listening to my lousing silence?
I want to roar like the beast boundless field
Bite the feathery morning neck with my sunbeam
Crash my tongue with my lover’s crimson lips
Spit nameless flicking flowers
O, I want to taste salty blood again


My Beloved Home Coming

Today my beloved coming home
I open dawn with wild rose buds wheels
Clear away the poor tinted cloud
Lay out vast green sky for his refreshment
Midst of tweed uplifting hues swelling leaves
Rivers streams rich soiled minds of air
Wear summer organza white visage
Amaze impearled south sea hair clips
Enthralled lofty morning stanzas
I decorate them with my heart strings
Weaved them into my warm blood
Circling four wheeled wings of chariot
Open the gates of blameless fortress
Greetings his victorious home coming

(To My Beloved Husband)
7:08 am 23/12/2007


My Thunder Maiden

I listen your callings
O, my thunder maiden
Greetings this fine lush morning
I bend my knee to your highest honor
Abiding this great earthly nuptial
How we embosomed together
Our faces crest each other
Fold our souls to our passion
You circled sweet love teardrops
Descending my maiden greetings
Ascending orb to the opposite
Come together as mighty exult
I breathe upon your soft mouth
Melt me with your great tisanes
Where the sky swill four corners
Your path stream of prime regains
Come with your chastise miracles
Beautiful field to the watery buds
Taken me your softy burning breasts
No flattery deed for your lantern
Come this way with your lively sea
Let me in your divine incantation
O, the circled meridian the pointed star
Strike my heart where you enthrone
My suffused body with your tears
Trodden the ocean and eagles waves
Melt me into your sweet teardrops
Come tenderly as my chieftain love
Where only our exulted fierce love

9:29am 20/120/7
I am a rich maiden from the old man’s shore

Calling me, my shore, the old man’s village
Giant octopus nests under the rainbow cliff
Upward your commend I have never left you
Throaty islands open dawn for the horizon
People eat sun their misty morning
People eat moon their lusty night
Women bathed their child a dragon mouth
Feed her love child sky thunder breasts
And also made their daughter sinners
Cloud swings joy cradles on the sailor’s creek
Sea king’s swiveling robs in his wheels
Salty sun cracks spidery midday shade
Bandwagon linen skirt swaps wild grapes
The cropping plum silver gowned guest
Sea lion beat his shrewd winter bride
Leap autumn, moon child cracked her dawn
Lucky den moon child in the old village
Grandmamma her magi girdled shore
Years, fishing were great in South Seas
Old man wrote the child grand trine lined chart
Her dowry is the sea the old man promised
Snake god pitches his reef to mortal’s gate
Burnt their night’ a moored waterfall
Made a love colony in wild orchid bed
Fierce their scripted rituals foliages
No one dare to challenge the old man’s’ shore
His three faced meridian, his envisioned chart
His golden conceal seven fountain voyages
Thunder maiden, tiara raindrops for his aid
Swelling dark sea versed prolong, his lighting
She wears the distant sea to the village
Impel my maiden, thunder my sea bed
O my land wheat granges, vinery crops
O so summer snowdrops for wintry waist
O so the old man’s supreme trine love
O, so the wealthy; sky sea and field
O so the moon child opens her hemispheres
Awakening the seashore for her rich dowry
O so lungful air bust into the miracles hued sea
I am a rich maiden from the old man’s shore
Greetings the silvery guest southern sky

10:42am 13/12/2007
I am a butterfly thief

Sun roar golden horizon
Red winged eagle eyed shores
Fleeting cloud river blanket
Wake up soft pageantry love bed
Allied color tweed your neckline
Honey breasted lavishing greeting
Beneath sufficed gaping thrones
Grand gown swapping fleckless air
O what a conquer my maiden mile
Sucking nectarine valley of plum
Joyful ripple, the prided rich maiden
Opening your splendor green reign
I am your handsome love pray
Lick offensively your honey lips
Minding your scented dwelling
Contender of your chief liege
Custodian of your wealthy dowry
Love invitees precious crops
Enchantments here scars there
Pollinated misty petals nodules
I am a magnum opus, the love thief

6:26 am, 11/12/2007


Virtue was in his Dragon Arms

He came to my dream
Arms folded around my pillows
Softly all lively butterfly tales
My little cherub little flower, whispered
He licked my lips his salty breathing
I blow his morning dews in his clypeal
They fell into my mouth like honey
I leap from pillows to his dragon arms
There melting fields of lively songs
Dawn running deep Apollo evergreen sea
Overridden his hillside flowers
Timely cushioned my pillows

8:07am 9/12/2007
The Whoring Virtue
People say I must have the virtue
But I don’t know what it is, so
I lick Zen master’s misty breakfast daily
They feed me inflamed stream of virtue
Verve and inflated hop in my physiognomy
Misty lake with lucky blessing in my forehead
So I stuffed them into five languages
Onload them to my wheeling voyage
I was lusty with my eyeballs with eyeballing
A longingly distant between the virtue and me
I am gonna eat you alive with my lusty tongue
Make love to you with my lathed lousy graces!
You will be the slave fetch my greatness, I declare
There is root, seed winds and rivers among many
Whores, bastardies, brain teasers and psychopaths
It was lovely gaze with millions other sinful things
Lusty silence bathing at me bolted naked virtue
High high give me the virtue! I am the virtue
It gives brooding inaugural curse, nastily tenderly
What the virtue is? Then I was looking at the girl’s eyes
She says; fasten it your root in your belly
Her voice is the grandmamma red script; cling cling…
She gives me challenge her knock out bare feet
O summer yes it was so virtuous green foliage
She was striding valiantly in her seas shores
Aha what a snare with her virtue chase is
Virtue is the riding post your ass, I am the thief
Robbing virtue in your hypocrisy
Inflamed my night in my whoring chamber
Slapping your slimy faces with my satin gloves
Gulp down crimson cardinal as my potion
O, night will vomit million virtuosos wounds
Hula I am the thief, the twisted, the twisted
I am the virtue virtue? Uha virtue…? A0(r) = (1 2 r2) 2 1 cos21(r) 1 r Ï1 2 r2 (9)( ???

11:57am, 8/12/07bsp; 8/12/07

We, the Victors Night hunted countless weaves southern shores
Mystery star, canticle dews lips of dawn
Feline morning bolted our blossomed love
Feet of valleys, wings of sky
Come this way as midst of jewels
Riding star wheeling paws in my silken shoes
I feast brazen seed in your golden pledges

6:12am 6th December, 2007



Gentle breathings, valley of glowso
I saw peonies buds on his face
For my pine pointed morning
Wake up fragrance from river bed
Soaked with shining dew fondles
Morning grant everything so joyfully
Waiting for me their pride stream

11:10am 2/12/2007
This Day

O leaves, vast land, so tempered
I saw you last autumn, here you are again
Greeting me with your ravishing beauty
Your splendor made me so majestic
How I longing for your unbidden love
Your pondering is darling and gay
Why your loveliness makes me weep
This heavenly day, this throaty rootless rage
Your childish smile is so pure fearless
You only know sweet pearly kisses
Soft loving strokes in your doting eyelids
In your lovely golden framed morning
Hidden, sheltered beneath dreams
Here we are journey again, to open sky
My sorrow nothing to do your beauty
O, surely, flirts, let your beauty everlasting
I can come here I confess my longings
You only know what the original sorrow is
Adore, my fierce thunder weeps for your regalia

7:03pm 1st December 2007
I Pondered Love

Under plum tree with a nascent girl
She said she is the eight cerulean
Curling melody rustling shrubs
Delightfully poised black pearls
Smiled at me wild rose pangs
Scented sea circled her lush mellow
lively leaves locked abound my neck
Steal my lips her aromatic seaweed lips
Bundles into my airy ambrosia field
Rustled stanzas my moon beam bench
Who is sitting in here? She asked
Finally you come, but you never left me!
Shade eyelid beneath her lush forehead
You are all the same, she whispers
Sea is the daughter of the King Sea
Gowned slops of grand crux palaces
Rousing silvery flowers her rooftops
Combed her dewily hair in moonlight
Embroidered with love bitten lullabies
Vehement her endless barony salty tales
Bare sands with her teasing toes
Alluring stone tossed rosary shore
Love is breathing, worth for my life
Endowed my vast grand field of gown
Soul rhyme fare in your endless flora
Slops for heavenly love gate for us
Dear night calmly attained lime trees
Summiting moon, her starry footmarks
Bejeweled my bridge with orchard leaves
Dearest my love ripens at vinery sonatas
pluming sea lime songs lovingly
Allied with my beloved home comings
Nights ripens, I listen to her earth songs
Enfolded echoed her seashell fortress

26th November 2007
My Friend

I went walk today
Past, alongside spring steps
O my summer was so lusty
Coming her salty wet hair
Barefoot lush green shoes
Tiger lily tiara in her head
Cobalt seashell in her ivory neck
Irresistible cornfield shapely ankles
Intoxicating me her dew drops
So I beatified my friend
Entangled with my fine sky rob
All flowers open their lips
Kiss to their own breasts
Committing treachery their own cast

6:57pm, 25th November 2007



For every love there are testaments
Ragged ancient commandments
Prayed fetched enchanting words
Gold framed in your custody
Boundlessly fold into eternal glory
Betrayer, left forever, yet, evasively
Comes again with skidding infinity
As full-gowned purposeful voyagers
Meditative attire seductive smiles, as we
Heartbroken stations for love remedies
Wholesome satin roped monk’s ritual
Bold strike your mastery calligraphies
Stamped into an unfathomable rifle
Warrior, eloquence arrows into my heart
Your inscrutability no measurement
Giving is deep confidence, beneath waves
Surfacing belly of immense charted maps
How they stationed with my blood
Love is ravenous, despair, supremacy
Like the ocean, its attitudes, the life
Thieving ceaseless passionate province
Waiting for next waves, without restraint
Wild sacred harrowing, accidental prose
Offensively bonding our oneness creed
Old village tales for a hallowed girl's destiny
Unspoken sacrament for our guarantees
Sorrows, joys engraved into one vessel
Breathing into our utter imperial groom
Our promised journey ties shades shapes
Rooting vinery home comings reaping crops
Fertile Southern Cross blossom your words
Gallant love fold into your childish bride
Unbroken code made your threaded domain
Your guidance, deliverance to the world
Weaves golden rays into your dominance

3:24pm 23rd of November

Morning Sea Morning

Sea Grief stricken cantabiles
Clings heavenly secretes in a sheet of vines
Enchanting gales, roofed in the morning face
Softy possess me in your seer infinity
See, unquiet longing in a corn field
Billowy love is the inflamed code
Lucid allied with bloody memories
Kindled estranged windy waves
A turf of my heart into the stream
Washed miseries into the vastness
Comes back with the canalled pillar

11:02 28/10/07
Wheel of Fortune

I am the wheel of fortune
Greeting us. My ship and my knights
We rise from the mighty graveyard
Shelter of boldness, fate of fortune
Wheeling palaces, lush emerald shores
Our pirating chart, our impearled gullies
Eminent nine footed courtier atlas
Twilling pavilions, our titanic coasts
Begotten tenured sin faithless wombs
Bastardy storms, breasts of jewels
Enslaved beaten nights, ruptured warfares
Emblems of posies, our elucidation
Rainy fire, stanzas and codex of flowers
Colony of jewels, infectious continents
Caching props, stateless, cordless nuptials
Oscillate flesh, vision of wreckage yards
Ancient shores, plea of sinful splendors
Peers to the roofless spidery sunbeams
Raise! Raise! Ghosts of the great cully
Inflamed Excalibur for the wise purpose
Your boldness, garland of our fertile path
Our warrant love is your paragon of deed
Obliterator love for the malicious seeds
Giant rectitude is the pious chieftain
Embarking our barge, your marina gallantries
Gartered vast bellies, stormy calibers
Harlotry vestals, riding gold diggers
Greet us in your shores upon the fie
Bags of fortune, wheels of fortune
Our enclaves’ heroic rights for tomorrow

6:58am 19/10/07

All Poem are Copyright © Young Sun Kim-Walker

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