Saturday, April 19, 2008

Poems October 2007


Dazzling offensive licks
Breathlessly steals autumn lips
Unfolding rifled sepia wings
Gathers torn peace her violet evening
Sits intimately inwardly a lime tree
Gravely intrudes her bewilderment
Silence voice over flesh foot steps
Wonder who across this pad before?
Conduits her embalmed seasons
Ploughs woeful wounded leaves
No more, deserted last season
His edged ritual, unbroken vows
Feathery weltered a wooden chair
Smitten lover’s intimae traces
Rudely hunts passionate moans
Conceals felted beauty lively as ever
Secrete symbols freshly trifles
Pervasively snares her evening
Become adonies' sinful crimson agony
Solitude so careless in a busy street
Weaves silence and her tearfull anguish
Intones a splendid enclosed vista
Mocking one turf seasonal wisdom.

5:58am 19/05/07



Dammed, supremacy a burning star!
Memory traveler's drawn timepiece
Line begins in your novice feet
Waratah, your chieftain eyes
Mulberry heart lies in your pearly shade
Your soil mighty and proud
Wounded cracks sized vermillion roots
Obstinate rhizome, spidery breathes
As an enchantress immortal kisses
Rainbow shrouded burning seas
Windy mused in your vinery sun
Season is afar green in your isles
Trails uncanny as your passion
Nourishes your dazzling glacier
Miles , echo saddles your resolution
O. rich season blares as a virgin bride
Sings enchanting grief over the beyond
Vomits a bloody curse on your reign
Sinful brilliance seas as your trophy
Hold blooded firestone as your glory

12;35pm 12/05/07


Unrolled silences silken mirror
Glory as melancholy lidless stanza
Must the nymph weaves her words for love
Bowed wept breath into eyes of water
Love holds the stillness, broken throaty rives
Then gaze upon an intervened death
O, hangs a stranger halved sank
Dark mirrored his autumn wounds

4/05/07 6: 29pm



I dreamed the fair maiden
She canalizing the fiery dawn
Morning star emissive neck
Ttoot toooo…y..y..….tooo…doo..
Momentary bathed and wavered bustles
Toggled a horn lamp, hurrdly
Sunbeam bejeweled in her sublime cradle
Slanted sea consorted her light house
Eagle clewed a quantize Adonis charm
Contralto sleeps her seaweed rocking bed
A distant bearer in her majestic attire
Pearly veiled maiden sits her moon throne
Encapsulated her Adonis love poet
Fair maiden, fair maiden in her herald mortal bath
South sea, toggle toggle tally -tale turtle god
Pirates foreplay her advent virgin womb
Visitors of her lively temptation
Ensnares her summit feet
Trace of vain wondrous moment
Committed treasons a cupid sting

3.30am 25/04/07


What made for us? made problems for us

This incommensurable charted domain
What we have done to us?
Sinned spring throaty in our valley
Ripening seeds in a chosen field
An ingrained sward rage rage
As sacrificial honor our own doings
Blooms in our forehead as a original insignia
Wear it boldly my friend, let it bleed boldly my friend
Days and night against each other my friend
Divided a vast distant and across a boundless sea
Grieved through nameless darkness
Traceless oddities and wrongdoings
Make ourselves friends and another
Decoded our foot prints over legends
Thieved warmth a nameless roadside
Under stars, we made our home
Impetuously we dreamed treasures
See now a red soil desert so many windowless hearts
Colonized their bandaged souls and broken seasons
Affiance their deformed mirrors
Reflect tenderly a disgruntled graces
Will they bloom again along with dead meniscus?
Will they bloom again under the garmented dew?
Grieve over our fearful recollection
The passion we had, each other to another
Here my friends lets feed our monstrous desire
Simplest happiness as we call it
Looking out again the dream we had and we lost
Shoot, trigger straight into our skulls
See whether we can impinge our darkness
Blood lusted the gartered infertile womb
Our childish dreams are forbidden.
Makes our weep sprawl and majestic
Lighting, gates of men and women hearts
Unbolting our echoless dark alters
Yes let’s hoping
Our conceived soul less intact from the horror
Our own making name of evolution.

4.49am 19/04/07


Your are a Murder

Sure I heard you were a murder
Names names distortion of fermented dreams
Shackled a mad gate,
your own making name of evolution.
Your are a Murdert spoilage into skulls
Bear us not hideous errors and terror
Disposed reversion, a aborted glee
I dance your bidden death note
Your killer kiss are blazing obsessive
Tributary of hostage bloodless wound


Solace is a bejeweled vanity
Come closer your cold lips
Bring your boundless fair
Cross rivers, eyes of water
Find a trace grassed fields
Walk softy in your silken shoes
Adorn a mystical garland

18/04/07 4:44am

Free as a Butterfly Princess

Sun melts in your smile
Pain string your pearly dew
Weaved a laurel overnight
Day born in your crisp golden shoes
Pays a homage, tending your air
Free as like your heaven
Blooms in your beam flowers
Every bosoms in your silky road
Red roofed green sky and seashell horizon
Your feet are sibilant leaves
Kick the sky with heavenly wings
Softly stripes a lullaby sob
Fly! my love in your feathery wings
Free as a butterfly princess
Your beaming smile is the crest of the sun

6/04/7, 5.46pm

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