Saturday, April 19, 2008

I am a rich maiden from the old man’s shore

Calling me, my shore, the old man’s village

Giant octopus nests under the rainbow cliff

Upward your commend I have never left you

Throaty islands open dawn for the horizon

People eat sun their misty morning

People eat moon their lusty night

Women bathed their child a dragon mouth

Feed her love child sky thunder breasts

And also made their daughter sinners

Cloud swings joy cradles on the sailor’s creek

Sea king’s swiveling robs in his wheels

Salty sun cracks spidery midday shade

Bandwagon linen skirt swaps wild grapes

The cropping plum silver gowned guest

Sea lion beat his shrewd winter bride

Leap autumn, moon child cracked her dawn

Lucky den moon child in the old village

Grandmamma her magi girdled shore

Years, fishing were great in South Seas

Old man wrote the child grand trine lined chart

Her dowry is the sea the old man promised

Snake god pitches his reef to mortal’s gate

Burnt their night’ a moored waterfall

Made a love colony in wild orchid bed

Fierce their scripted rituals foliages

No one dare to challenge the old man’s’ shore

His three faced meridian, his envisioned chart

His golden conceal seven fountain voyages

Thunder maiden, tiara raindrops for his aid

Swelling dark sea versed prolong, his lighting

She wears the distant sea to the village

Impel my maiden, thunder my sea bed

O my land wheat granges, vinery crops

O so summer snowdrops for wintry waist

O so the old man’s supreme trine love

O, so the wealthy; sky sea and field

O so the moon child opens her hemispheres

Awakening the seashore for her rich dowry

O so lungful air bust into the miracles hued sea

I am a rich maiden from the old man’s shore

Greetings the silvery guest southern sky

10:42am 13/12/2007

© Young Sun Kim-Walker

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