Saturday, April 19, 2008

Poems January & February 2008

The morning lake

A bird cried all night
Hue heu heuu…
Night was listening his lament
Erosive inland mimic darkness
Put upon trail for his streams
I cut my night and hang
Behind dawn at his golden lock
Listing his gate opening
Crik crik shaded mist sling…
Distant hues scented breeze
Jade green little girl’s lips
Crimson buds lapping scent
O morning, your golden face
Dawn at the pageantry lake
Tears from his gleaming flick
Nested courtly sapient sky
Envisioned tidal ripples
Rooted region of eternal
Lofty intent is earthly splendor
I hear your mighty songs
Reflective laurel bird’s lips
Moral solitude is a pride
Seclusion is root of excellence
Your vision what is beyond
Walk through wings of whole
Your virtuoso brooding is clarity
Beguiled gift is your sated heritage
Finest cradle of your splendor

16/02/08 3:10am



Scarlet feet frosty sky
Priestly inflamed snow street
Silted its heart snowy field
O vomited bloody red roses
Petals, loyal spring lips
Snooty sky plucked cloud
Love scoffed trailers
That was how you come to me
Not so long ago, beloved
Blooms of eternal bunches
You gave me furnace laurel
Threaded blazing snowy tears
Hill-grips sun’s palace
That was how you gave me
Myriad love feathers
O the winter was carted
Bejeweled in your exultation
Rolling on the snowy street
you gave me the ever-green
Rose reins maize snowdrops
Embalmed forever in February


Precious My Beloved

O our love love
So profuse, often so wondrous
How could my love muddles
Cobbles tear beams assault
My love is telescope projection
In your eyes lips cheeks
So gravely gravely longing
Touch me, my love touch me
You are so close faraway
How could it happen like this?
Pouring tears wash your face
Deep misty twanging kisses
Atonement for the higher centre

7:19pm 11/02/08
King of the Southern Cross

My feet are wings of tornado
When I miss you I wear them
Flying to the musky milk way
To ordinate your embossed vision
Grown stars gauzing nights
Your prized forth is the mantle of recto
let’s go, we re keeper of the milkyway
Again again ever forever as your vision
Night after night wings of versos
You know we made our kingdom
You are my king ever forever
The King of Southern Cross
I am every ports in your milkyway
Whistling moonlight in your face
Softly softly lifting your sleep
Beside you I lay my longings
My heart slips into your arms
Shines spills tear beams your face
Moonlight bestow tearful joy
Whisper, I whisper you again again
Love is forever lone and wild
It is woeful rusty sailor songs
Lets stables stars listen your rejoice
My breasted dazzling burning sea
Anchored your warm soft skin
Childlike smile, delightfully rapture
dribbling clayed in wild lavas
Night opens pomegranate flesh
Cracks silvery plate a seeding ritual
Moon ride strings her silvery planet
Stars blooms white red fragrant
We adorn a kingdom of Milky Way
Rolling the Southern Cross throne
Sultry wicked golden sea is mercury
Rooting naked gleaming stars
Unfold golden seed for your road
Winged sphere for your contoured ace
Step by step to the Milky Way altar
Kindles your ascend vast vision
Your virtuoso integral lay opens as
Bountiful silver framed crimson fruits
Serve sanguine reverence for your path
Love is so dubious so advantageous
Nostalgic branded aching agonies
Mastering your own path for the rite
Reborn as prosperous axles
Love collets nightly effort
Never fleeting or sacrificial ritual
It is a wholesome pilgrimage as
Your words are charted concluded sky
Conceded constellation of the maps
Laced with deeply punctured calculation
Gallant autumn in anklet deep golden boots
Hooded dwelling at the milkyway bridge
Attains, the King of Southern Cross
As the reasoned of thrice, inspire!
Our voiced season never tumble

10:39am 9/02/08


Nameless Rage

Don’t ask me why
Onslaught, you hellish landfall rage
Unbridled a book of lunatic I read
The afternoon brought dark candle light
There was no reverence but only savage
River was torn her flesh was bleeding
Wailing river, your dark clewed hands
Wrote every curses in your afternoon
Looking into my mad mirror, found only
Bloody shot eyeballs seared enemies
Dark passion dry lunatic thunder
Yes come river, let’s beat together
Your heart my head my belly and whole
Devour my heart with your vengeance
Leap my flesh your bloody bitch clews
O rant , rant along side your inflame skull
Stepping thunder lunatic sweat, pumping
Full blown, bold, fully wise fully mad
Sniggering tears, leap your damn wounds
Bare, stark bare open to punish
Bedding flowers wicked yawns, wake up
What is so collide for your little mouth?
Ghostly penned your fidget lips
Breathless dwindled bastardy wind
Your faithless heart whoring emission
Thirsty river, your rotting thunder
Speak, river! You are not brimmed yet
Spell your sculling dark passion
Blow me your towed dark flame
Onslaught me your dark rage
Drowning me into your pit

7:01 5/02/08


The Dead Poet Says

Poet never lowers her head to anyone
No king, martyr, or no authority or wealth
But only lower her head to the living, the dead poet says
Poet must humble yet enshrined her word
Bleeding womb of fertility goddess
Custodian of scared demonic harlotry
Riding her girdles guiltless excellent
Seizing its agonies devour its lust
Slaughter of hypocrisy a grave of bigotry
That is how poet must whip her word
Her temple is living
Poet only listens her temple
She must humble yet pavement of the world
Her eyes are the finest eagle early spring
Hunts the life its joys and sorrow
And the ahead what is the next
She is council of reasons, cycle of disciple
Her soul must speaks to gods of Olympians
Guillotines words a confessor of living
Finery garmented her soul made from wounded threadbare
She must listen life even if thieves’ or murder’s
Or even if repelled attacked or even butchered
Or accorded imperial of monstrous life
She should also honor nameless flowers
Somberness of their sweetness and troubles
Their passion never analyses to order but living
Never wonder she was a prisoner of castration
Or her furnace flamed life made a finest sinner
Seer of all, slavery its treacherous life
Ordinances a throaty demonic s soul, yet
When the sun crossing breasted horizon
Purpose of the night set
As her utmost duty is
Listening intently humbly “the living”
The dead poet says

Hum, it is difficult to be a poet, (devil)I say




You Shall Never Leave Me

Oh my love, songs, the cloudy colors
From head to toe, and gliding sunray top of river
No, summer you are not going, inner deep
All of you, all of these you are not going
Not melting away from a solitary earnest
You will never leave me, won’t you?
All the sphere, so happy leaves and flowers
You will never leave, you will be mine forever
When the beauty wears softy silken shoe
Dazzling white feet melodic sea
Your villainy violet hillside smiles
But how could I bear season without you
Surly you will be a fine-spurned cloud
Hid under the cliff where we played with tides
So I can find you as you never leave me
O this summer I am divine fairy, no sorrow
Full of love everywhere, where I am ever gay
If I die, you will hold me in your tender breasts
You bury me under your feet with my lullabies
Where your twin arched heart warm me
Cast your fine tear drops upon my forehead
Where my sad soul lifted brightly eagerly
Look upon your earthy dandy face, then
You picking my elfin soul to your journey
When our days are ruefully tender
We stop a plumed seaside village
Accept their never grieved kindness
Charming stars glow upon roadside dusky
Lone temple bell casting spells at sunset, then
We cast aside our journey nostalgic zone
We find a wreathed our golden nest
You will open silence crimson dew
Share with me your lone radian nights
That you love me forever won’t you?
With your warmth sweet fenced breasts
Will shelter me with your lone distant
I shall hear your sweet gathering heart beatings
Softly softly sing to me that you love me
You shall never leave me my beloved

6:00pm, 29/01/08


Noble Venus in October

I wake up my sleep, light the flame
Glory summer is yours my beloved
Feed me in your finest mind
Empire of green rigorous heart
I am your temple of province
the reign curtly decorum
Revival, Zeus love devices
Upon the crown, where we made a fountain
You have been cruel and ever so tender
There were begins and ends
Folding, faithless goodness in her adores
Rule, relished her scented tiara
Her grace is gay violet tempered
Coming cornfield steps, your divine love guest
beloved, hold tightly your masked season
The light fields espionage flame
Poised attar tender pleading breasts
Like my ravish love greeting
Bears paternal elegance fertile seed
Champion of just, marriage of Augean
Finest tongue sword of assassin
Ruling stanza darer forwardness
Agree not coward feeble ugly
Master of venom, courteous thunder
Beloved beauty is not a guest
Shall be victorious every placard
Road of shade wisdom of vintage
Validness, ruling over lavish coward
Betrayer is a gulling disgrace
Thieves his own misfortune his bereft lies
Beloved, realm of winsome is piety
Rustling life your loyal wind
Aragon of rational region of mysterious
We shall not therefore hold wasteland
Finest sprit essence of troupes
Mantle of virtues region of decree
Up roar your relish elegance
Up roar ever your finest sprit
Up roar your pervading intellect
O this beautiful morning
I lay my heart upon your luster
In this beautiful morning for you my beloved

5: 38am 29/01/08



Love fertilized wastelands
And it endures patiently for next unbidden
It ploughs, then gathers fields
Until frosty texture painfully soulless
And devour its roots alongside quivering stream
Penance its flesh at dreamless nights
Crushing up its skeleton and spreads piles of ashes
Then, swallows end of million years
Patching up its wounds
Stitches its ragged fleshes
Inflame subtle veins
Sowing a turf of seeds
Warm spring mouth under the golden sun

Amidst, roots firmly, see the rustling fruit bearings
Attendant of golden cup
Sharing, knowing its sweetness nectar
Comes from tear ridden rosebuds

7:18pm 26/01/08


I am a love time boom

Melting time fiery cyber street
Hangs on distant so closely
Talking savage love and rational
Cradled a melodic master piece
Dangerous moon her vampire ritual
Blood bathing her incantation overnight
You asked why my love is so cruel and fierce
Flowerily magma St Helen's womb
Begotten mission, boiling incisively
Thermos conical burnings Nero Empire
Gala banquet your sky earth
Blaster your soul to the burning flowers
Split all over devour day night
Yeah I am a love time boom
Denote into your lucid mind
I am a love time boom
I am a love time boom…

7:56am 26/0108


I blow-up myself steal your breath
Watch me I am dazzling macabre
Crowned butterfly peonies ancient land
Thrill me I rupture in your ritual
Roar swelling rifle blast air
Hold me in your breathless gaze
For a moment nothing between us
I am a firebird raised from piles of ashes
Chilling distant the heralded shore
New Year opens your mouth
Billowing girl’s breasts flicking boy’s eyes
Sea waves, surges like the challenger
Passing by time line to the new horizon
I consumed your lasting breath
Long pouring flowery kisses
Bedeviled ninja steal your soul
I am courteous air mastery fore
The New Year landing paratroop

1:07am, 1/01/2008


Bloody Love

I saw a girl in my dream
Bare feeted, she wears a summer sea
You are a sinner, cowardly hypocrite, she said
I hide myself under finest silky shame
Self crowned a pretentious cushioned comfort
I am not going to write coward pretty poetry anymore
Shear off a futile ratty twaddle
I was born where I wan borne
My uncle’s eyeless socket gaze
His tainted autumn swellings temple backyard
Swapping seasoned a girl’s windy hair
I want eat my raw words with roughly weaved linen
Nourish my soul his red inked spidery webs
Shot my lava penned gory cupid bullet
I cut, open my gut and lay out my seashore
Let my blood is boiled by the arrowed sun
Plucking the pains from the lost memories
My pouring blood like the firebird magma
Then I will be the lucky toast to the merciless sun
Then I will be devil curse in your ancient shore
And lay buried my skeleton your bloodless old cliff
Welcoming the sagacious sky, siesta at island breasts
Listening my passionate ghost couplings
Why my cry has no tears?
O still rivers flow seamlessly in my valley
When my heart pumping the blood again?
Who is listening to my lousing silence?
I want to roar like the beast boundless field
Bite the feathery morning neck with my sunbeam
Crash my tongue with my lover’s crimson lips
Spit nameless flicking flowers
O, I want to taste salty blood again


My Beloved Home Coming

Today my beloved coming home
I open dawn with wild rose buds wheels
Clear away the poor tinted cloud
Lay out vast green sky for his refreshment
Midst of tweed uplifting hues swelling leaves
Rivers streams rich soiled minds of air
Wear summer organza white visage
Amaze impearled south sea hair clips
Enthralled lofty morning stanzas
I decorate them with my heart strings
Weaved them into my warm blood
Circling four wheeled wings of chariot
Open the gates of blameless fortress
Greetings his victorious home coming

All Poems Copyright © Young Sun Kim-Walker
7:08 am 23/12/2007

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