Saturday, June 7, 2008

Poems February 2008(2)

The Dancing Sage

Red gold pink blue heads
Ululation body rooted firmly
Flying a tuneful tambourine
You are a dancing sage
Factious history, blatant distant
Finest cloud hoodless heads
Blood scented wreathed tongue
Flattery cannibalism is falcons lure
Two heads three eyed a squared beak
Virtuoso agonies cut airy fables
Dance dance away wearies moires
Swings up up to the sky venire
Your beak hooo hooo…starlight
Feathery neck shamrocks chalet
Chiffon killer whale feet
Snowy Vulcan crushing feet
Drumming the violet moon
O, eight fingered embargos
O, tambourine eyed fingers
Empire of fuming lyrical hands
Shri shri shss… bells bees bees
Strips fragrance tragedies
Rainbow dance slops of time
Headless eyes dewless heaven
Swelling sea line laughing at horizon
Guilty patched fisted sunset rage
Time rested on your dancing steps
Trodden infinity begotten rhythms
Terrible deformity across zone
Satin gowned prized beauties
Fleeting a guiltless trace
Someday when we all gone
Our skeletons lay from long gone
Budding sunset licks sunken sockets
Blessing roadside nostalgic emblems
Trackless memory from distant
Yeah where we have been
Yeah what we have done
In your deformed eyes
Faultless in your seer’s eyes
A drumming gauntlet atrocity
Divulge longevities latencies
Crock rococo crock oocrook…
Tech cavitations dewless land
Silenced seedless delicacies
Riled soil few grasps to feed
Cradles toddle civilizations waddle
With bejeweled bowed blankets
The sage never cry only dance
White laugh at the bleached sun
Listening white sun ritual rage
From far far ahead a clipped age
Coo coo blue …feathery heads
East slapping west face
Swings together north south
Sleeved cycling wings of clouds
Fuming poison wounded words
Suicidal red moon on building necks
Hangs her vermillion menstruation
Mirroring her standing ovations
Vomit lungful stormy tainted deltas
A feathery seer why don’t you see?
Folded wings childern quivering mouths
Sea-eye congress twine tambourine
Feetless water weaves livery shroud
Dress bleeding soils last agonies
You are the dancing sage

In my dream

At a lazy afternoon
She was walking in full of glee
Islands hair pined with a white blazing sea
Silence sleeved dragonfly gowned midday
Full breasts sea weaved pink nipples
Her ivory belly was impassioned
She came to me with wings of cliff
Yes she was a butterfly white cliff
She was a fleeing sun bleached lighthouse
Beneath islands, legends carved straits
Shall I ever go for her?
Ever have I left her?
Or finally received my sea weaved letters
They are stillborn in my Babylon file surly
O She might be a Nile river wind
Embalmed Sphinx voltage breasts
Feeding her Mediterranean Sea
She might steals my love bonanza
As I left the unbolted night for her
Do you think the door still unbolted?
Shall I summon locksmith to bolt for the night?
Nay that would be cruel refusal for dawn
But as always she comes with words
Nightly, full of ghosts in her key board
Gowned interludes with mystery steps
Unloaded my bedside with salty doodles
Click click beside orchid leaves
Under Alan’s golden lamp gazing
Dragon kisses majestic two headed
Sail across oceans at stormy nights
Dug up all jewels from wreckage
Ghost colonies bone feasted shores
Harvesting all night at vast white seas
Here she arrived with bejeweled dawn
“Here your cling words from Babylon
It will be a medallion for your shore” she says
Throaty shoreline has chocker pearls
Tingle tingle millions sounds
Moon tear beams washed up songs
O she is clipping morning dews
O she is butterfly from violet shores
Vinery sunbeam, tendrils, breasts
Gold hairclips melted in her wet tide
She came to me with full of glee
In my dream


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